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Office of the OCP Ombudsman

Office of the OCP Ombudsman Main GraphicWelcome to the Office of the OCP Ombudsman

About the OCP Ombudsman

The OCP Office of the Ombudsman was established in October 2017 to support contractors and subcontractors, operating under a valid District contract, to communicate their complaints, concerns and suggestions related to OCP's contracting and procurement matters.

The OCP Ombudsman has a wide range of investigative powers in conducting inquiries, obtaining information and documents. However, the OCP Ombudsman cannot overrule a contracting officer’s decision but rather; may work to influence reconsideration of or a change in the contracting officer’s decision.

The OCP Ombudsman may not intervene or take part in resolving matters that are already under formal protest with the Contracts Appeals Board or in any other form of litigation. The Ombudsman’s primary duties are to:

  • Facilitate timely and impartial issue resolution between contractors, subcontractors and contracting officers (unless parties are engaged in legal or administrative proceedings);  
  • Use trends and data to identify and recommend policy and procedure changes to the Chief Procurement Officer and OCP's senior leadership team, and other agencies as appropriate; 
  • Connect contractors and subcontractors to capable resources and support in sister agencies to include, but not limited to, DLSBD, OTR, DOES, and other sister agencies as appropriate.

To ensure that the District's current contractors and subcontractors experience a fair, impartial, efficient and confidential contracting and procurement administration committed to continuous quality, integrity, and efficiency. 

To objectively and impartially investigate grievances arising from any form of maladministration in OCP's contracting and procurement processes and facilitate improvement in the District's contracting and procurement process.

The OCP Ombudsman will maintain the following standards of practice:
  • Impartial: Maintain objectivity and a fair review of the facts free from outside influence and without favor or prejudgment. The intent of this impartiality is to build confidence and trust in the business community that their concerns are heard and will be treated fairly. The OCP Ombudsman will address all issues objectively;
  • Confidential: Maintain confidentiality and protection of all information related to an inquiry or complaint in order to provide comfort and shelter to suppliers (or others) who come forward to openly speak their minds or disclose information as a part of fact finding;
  • Consistency: Adopt the Standards of Practice as established by the International Ombudsman Association.
Complaint Handling Process
Complaints may be submitted using the OCP Ombudsman Online In-Take Form, via the US Postal Service, by telephone, or in person.  A downloadable In-Take Form is available for complaints by mail or in person. For more information about how your complaints will be handled, view OCP's Complaint Handling Procedures & Approaches
The Ombudsman can be reached at [email protected] or by phone at (202) 724-4197.
Contact Email: 
Contact Phone: 
(202) 724-4197
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