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OCP Welcomes First Ever Procurement Ombudsman 

Thursday, November 16, 2017
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: November 16, 2017
CONTACT:    Lauren Stephens (OCP); 202.724.4982; [email protected] 
James Partlow IV (OCP); 202.299.3963; [email protected] 

(WASHINGTON) –  Today, the DC Office of Contracting and Procurement (OCP) announced the launch of its Office of the Ombudsman for Contracting and Procurement, implemented to support the business community in timely resolution of challenges while providing services under a District contract.  

The newly appointed Ombudsman, William “Pete” Teague, is a resource for members of the business community that need support resolving complaints and concerns related to general contracting and subcontracting matters, or an issue with a specific contract in a timely manner.  The Ombudsman will also review concerns holistically to identify potential patterns and make policy recommendations to the Chief Procurement Officer. 

Mr. Teague brings over 25 years of experience in contracting, procurement, and supplier relations, in the public and private sectors. Most recently, he served as OCP’s liaison to the Department of Small and Local Business Development and before that, served as a contracting officer at the District Department of Transportation. 

“I am really excited to add another resource for the business community as they navigate contracting in the District,” said George Schutter, chief procurement officer and director of OCP. “Pete brings a solid background in procurement, and is dedicated to ensuring that the Office of the Ombudsman enhances the quality, efficiency, and integrity with which we manage contracting for the agencies we support.” 

The Ombudsman furthers OCP’s ongoing efforts to demystify contracting in the District and support current and future industry partners as they work to provide the goods, services, and construction that District agencies, and ultimately District residents, need.  Mr. Teague can be reached at 202-727-0252 or via email at [email protected]

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The DC Office of Contracting and Procurement (OCP), under the direction of the Chief Procurement Officer, was established by DC law in 1997 and provides contracting services for 77  agencies and offices in the District. The mission of OCP is to partner with vendors and District agencies to purchase quality goods and services in a timely manner and at a reasonable cost while ensuring that all purchasing actions are conducted fairly and impartially. OCP manages the purchase of $5.2 billion in goods, services and construction annually, on behalf of over 77 District agencies.

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